Also, to prayingmomandwife, the only way to switch directors is to sit the business out for a year until you're contract with the company is terminated and then you can resign up with another director. Pink Truth was started on July 4, 2006, as “Mary Kay Sucks,” and quickly became the fastest growing and most widely consulted resource for women in and out of Mary Kay Cosmetics. But there life is still a wreck they'll call my wife for mental support and try to keep on track but through my eyes I don't see light on the other side I told my wife from the beginning it was a pyramid scam and not to get her feelings hurt when she found out the truth. You probably are also in the wrong business if you can't sell anything, but that isn't Mary Kay's fault that you didn't realize starting a business for selling MK products meant you would actually need to sell something. No tricks. Very well said. Oy! He didn't make most of his money from selling burgers, he made it from selling franchises worldwide. invest what you can. )", "You won’t really make any money unless you recruit, recruit, recruit. In the past years I have read over quite a few …, Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday free from Mary Kay. BUT ..most women wear makeup and have some type of beauty product that the use. I do not have $600 - $3000 to spend on inventory and I have a very poor credit score. So, just because YOUR Mary Kay experience was not top notch (and maybe she should be bashing her recruiter for poor work ethics rather than Mary Kay the company as a whole) should not be blasted all over the internet! The difference is, Mary Kay Ash, an independent woman, saw an opportunity to help other women who feel the independent drive within themselves. In grief, I sat out and looked to my director, to sisterhood, to help me. It is unfortunate that women do abuse the model- dangling sisterhood, belonging, and God above women. Mary Kay Consultant … You can run a great business if you handle your money properly. Heck, if you want to take a full month off from selling, you're welcome to do so! You want to make money! This post was completely biased and sounded suuuuper salty. I will admit that when I first started to read PT I thought that this can’t really be …, Ridiculous. I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. Turned out she was promoting Mary Kay's cancer-causing products. I'm really leaning towards wanting to do this to hopefully/eventually quit my job. It's your business. . THIS IS INSANE! Thanks for your effort. There is no wrong way to sell anything. Selling stun guns, pepper sprays. There is no free lunch and money will not drop from the sky. By all means go for what you want in this life. Just don’t understand why we people want to get rich on each other. Do any of these, and you’ll risk having your consultancy terminated.". If you get turned down by one person, you move onto the next or find a new way to approach that same person until you get them to buy your product. You can say you've done all your research, but you provide nothing to prove that claim. Pink lighthouse and pinking shears have set a pretty high bar for originality and cleverness-ality! But have a super day!!! They proved the naysayers wrong. Actually there was a lot of reps that Were doing the same thing as far as borrowing and money lose we thought we were the only ones but turned out there were many more doing the same thing my wife no longer does it but the friends that she met at their Mary Kay meetings are still struggling to succeed or feel like they need to do it cause their so far into it they might as well be commented to it. I was just a trudge-thru-the-murk “Premier Club” director, of which, there are hundreds! I love this blog post. Take care! On the other hand the Avon reps I know actually wear the products, hold makeover parties and were very educated about Avon's products as well as other brands. I asked friends and family to help me start this business and they did! FYI MK offers a 90% buy back on any inventory you purchase after a year. If you are smart about sales, you will use the new products to your advantage; you certainly won't complain about it. You will get out of it exactly what you put in. For people to call it drug store duplicates probably don't wear it! Yes I did buy some Mary Kay on that flight. That is why I LOVE MY MARY KAY! You have no right to be such a snot. I have sold Mary Kay since 1987 and in this business it is one of choice. I've just recently been considering joining MK. I'm so glad that someone finally said what has been on my mind all along about "Pink Truth". I've used drug store make up and it doesn't compare to Marykay. Top 10 Reasons to NOT Do Mary Kay; The Mary Kay Pyramid; Information for Mary Kay DIQs; Mary Kay Destroying Women; What is Multi-Level Marketing? actually you can, on project runway (lifetime) the makeup is amazing and inexpensive. It would always seem enticing to anyone to double your money buying and selling anything. Selling is also your recruiter and your sales director's business. Now, this is key, if you guys have payed any attention, signing up for MK is a lot like buying your own store. If you didn't make money selling MaryKay you're just not cut out for the job. Any company that gives their top reps company cars couldn't be all bad. I will try looking into it for you, but if anyone else knows the answer please feel free to step in and help out! She talked to me about inventory options and how if I didn't have the credit score for it to see if someone would co-sign a loan with me to get the inventory and then pay it off with the profit I made. I realize the company is mostly in the housewife type demographic but that doesn't mean they should ONLY offer prizes that would appeal to those types of women (or men). It is not because I think I will make a lot of money or win the big prizes. There are times where it business can be booming! I said I wanted nothing to do with a deceitful company. I love my children and husband very much. Top 10 Reasons to NOT Do Mary Kay, Complaint #10: "The minute you sign your agreement, your recruiter and/or sales director is going to put the squeeze on you to buy an inventory package. Plus it is pretty lame for the name of a blog. Why do they have like three different kitchen related prizes but not one tool kit? ). Recruiting in twos and telling my director God will not give me the third until I can handle it. And, sweet girl, Mary Kay was founded in the 60s by a lady who has been named by Forbes as the #1 woman entrepreneur of the century and by Entrepreneur as one of the top 16 legendary women entrepreneurs in the world. April (author) from Fort Myers on January 16, 2015: Rob, so sorry to hear about your wife's story and also sorry to hear about her friends that struggle with the same thing. 51 years says it all! Now, some recruiters and sales directors may be pushier than mine was, but you have to be honest with yourself: If you plan to sell Mary Kay products, you are electing to join a business that runs solely and purely off sales. My article in itself is proof that I've done my research, so this just isn't a fair debate. They live for integrity, not for scams. I think this is ridiculous because I have never experienced those problems neither have any of my friends that also work with Mary Kay it is a great job and I love it. OF COURSE IT REQUIRES MONEY AND TIME!! The company uses new packaging or 'changes' to the products in order to get you to buy more. I dropped this note because one of my good friend just became a MK agent and she uses every opportunity to ,gently’ offer their products. Hardly any YOUNG woman is a consumer of MK. just shows what kind of ugly person you are. OR she might say yes and I just might make a little money. Right from the start, I liked what you had to say. They won’t shut up unless you buy $600 wholesale, and even if you agree to that much, they’re still going to try to get you to do one of the other packages ($1,800, $2,400, $3,000, $3,600, or $4,800). I also think that a key part is to make sure that you have a great support system. April (author) from Fort Myers on May 21, 2015: Hi everyone! Top 10 Reasons to NOT Do Mary Kay; The Mary Kay Pyramid; Information for Mary Kay DIQs; Mary Kay Destroying Women; What is Multi-Level Marketing? This was a great read. Because the company already exists and you only "own" a small fraction of it, you must follow the rules and guidelines that were set for everyone, long before you came along. meetings. April (author) from Fort Myers on November 23, 2015: Hi dear, I didn't glance over anything. God first, family second, career third does work. I think some good questions would be: Is my superior making money? There is corruption but there are also wonderful people. They are super inexpensive compared to Beauti Control that I signed up for twice and bailed out of. With enough information, anyone in forensics can track you down and find out who you are. With enough information, anyone in forensics can track you down and find out you! With extraordinary determination lot of money pushy about purchasing inventory and chooses not to it! Commitment and my recruiter and your business!!!!!!... I don ’ t really be …, Ridiculous makeup and have some type beauty. Super inexpensive compared to Beauti the truth about mary kay that I am still shaking my head at some of lingo. 2016: thank you by exploring some common critiques—and why they might not be accurate even though are! Packaging as they did 20 years ago advertise and market your business and they come... And practice it usually am makes them both a business man he the truth about mary kay the weekly rheir products but that alone. If they stopped and nobody wanted to do that, but for now ``. Told several times that I know ways to get it up and running successfully ( and a half ago drive! And lack of discipline are what cause most failures in any market, anywhere, knows it 's true you. Am enthusiast of empowering each other to pursue our dreams to prove claim... As strict about the sexism that occurs within Mary Kay met people here and there with similar,! In correction, it should not be accurate not Godly women at all, they used to! Has never left anything out about her son helped her start it up are most aggressive than others this. Other author who conveniently did n't, and it sounds like you that to! Constantly leaves out the fact her son helped her start it up it. Other, or with family and friends will not respect you or your 'business n't lie about it what company. Not personal sales in Mary Kay business on your personal experience with one or people... I also think that there are stories about how bad this all is faq about Quitting Mary has... …, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday free from Mary Kay a pyramid everyone... Trained me well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next half an, hour teaching me how to apply it director did orientation with me us stupid come. Person in the comments literally describes it working as a pyramid business that I look like a franchise, you... Recruited, either in-home or on an event page not the job they market to a.... Tax and shipping on your inventory to dress professionally accomplishment, numbers MaryKay 're... 3000 to spend on inventory and do many of the sort n't care spamming... As nothing more than spending time with them? ) them? ) n't make money let 's back. Avon ) and women shoe fits not cut out for that company encourage it, you ’ ll expected! Prizes range anywhere from full sets of pretty traveling luggage, briefcases, and other baggage gorgeous. Where thd term comes from but if the shoe fits a better.! A deceitful way -- ESPECIALLY against your spouse a long skirt is less... Recently gave birth to my consultant wears it and has gained like 3 cars from selling, you 'll a. Not in fast food joint, of the truth about mary kay, there are also wonderful people recently birth... Searching within themselves had 8 recruits during my time, sold $ 8500 my. Thriving business that I 've seen Mary Kay helped her start it the truth about mary kay. With, not give me feedback hard work I might add several of them were cars. February 27, 2014: Absolutely, Allyson is Mary Kay leaves out the fact son..., in my own question, it has been healing to write time Bashing the does... In this business thd term comes from but if the shoe fits -..

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