June 2019; Authors: Mekonnen H Daba. Nature Biotechnology (impact factor: 31.864) Nature Medicine (impact factor: 30.641) Nature Methods (impact factor: 28.467) Journal of Clinical Oncology (impact factor: 28.245) BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.) The 2020 Edition of the Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) published by Clarivate Analytics provides a combination of impact and influence metrics from 2019 … Discover journal metrics like usage, speed, the impact factor, and more As a researcher, you consider a number of factors in deciding where to publish your work such as journal reputation, readership, and impact. Impact Factor 2018 (JCR Released in 2019) Top 500 Journals in 2019 3 130 Journal of the American Chemical Society 14.695 【 IF History 】 【 Acceptance Rate 】 【 Review Speed 】 According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2019 impact factor of 12.121. Nature Communications is a multi-disciplinary, open-access, online-only journal which publishes articles from all fields of natural sciences. As a publisher, we provide you with the data and tools you need for you to make the best decision as to where to submit your work. Journal Metrics | Nature Research – Science Reports Impact Factor 2019 is free lab report sample. List of Journal impact factor 2019. Annual Reviews Rankings in Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics) 2020 Release of Journal Citation Reports. 10.3; ... Philadelphia, PA, USA) in the 6-year period 1995-2000 were considered. A number of Nature Research journals have impact factors and some journals are being tracked by Clarivate Analytics and will receive their impact factor in due course. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journals For any journal to have an impact factor it must be tracked by Clarivate Analytics for two years (for more information on how impact factors are calculated, please see here ). International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. Editorial process and journal scope. Impact Factor Rankings. Nature was one of the world's most cited scientific journals by the Science Edition of the 2019 Journal Citation Reports (with an ascribed impact factor of 42.778), making it one of the world's most-read and most prestigious academic journals.

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