Advanced card search Random card. User 3 ... March 20, 2012, 10:16:55 AM Tell me every single Pentavus combo you know of or can think of. One note from last week's article. on May 5, 2004, Archive Looking to make a combo deck that uses artifacts. Essentially, with an Intruder Alarm out, cards like Wirewood Herald can help you find the pieces you need to get going (primarily Birchlore Rangers, Bloodline Shaman, and Fierce Empath to find the Pentavus). Sure, the Goblin Welder can turn your Pentavite into any other artifact you might already have Thirst for Knowledged or Gambled into your graveyard. Splintering Wind had the advantage of getting around Wrath of God, but it still had a lot more disadvantages than a Pentavus once it was out. If you have the mana, there's no reason for a Pentavite to die unless you want it to. Pentavus Combos. There is the added bonus if anything dies, however… It's no Khabal Ghoul, but it's still pretty exciting. Then you sacrifice the Pentavites. This time, you'll have 3 mana. This one is so good though, that you'll have to make sure that you aren't playing in an area that uses tournament-style rules. Infinite mana. In a sense, what we have with Mirrodin Block is a return to a simple but exciting time. Then do the same thing all over again. But we can't do anything with this. Back when Antiquities came out the Urza's Lands had just made their first showing, and for the most part, people were pretty excited about them. Each two mana you invest is another Diabolic Edict. These days, those cards are back. What it can also do, however, is provide the juice to get more than a few engines going. Other cards like Innocent Blood and Chainer's Edict get a similar treatment: out pops a little Pentavite to take a hit for the team. By itself, this guy isn't completely insane, but in conjunction with mana-boosting, it gets a bit nutty. Similar to his opposite, the Leonin Elder, the Disciple is quite capable of pulling off a lot of effect for a simple 2 mana investment. Combo Name: Ashnod's Deathbringer Pentavus: Submitted By: Pal-of-Lim-Dul: Card Name: Type: Cost: P/T: Editions (ordered by release) Ashnod's Altar. Here goes! This deck's early plan is to stay alive with cards like Wellwisher and Vine Trellis while it sets up the combo. on May 5, 2004. MTG Salvation Forums; Magic Fundamentals; Magic Rulings; Magic Rulings Archives; Shirei + Pentavus= Good combo? Sure, you can use things like Wild Growth, but the real winner here is using Overgrowth. Some people might talk about Confusion in the Ranks as a clever way to abuse Pentavus. The offensive version of this trick is nice as well, though not as impressive in my opinion. Tap Sol Ring and add 2 mana to your mana poo. Top 10 Two-Card Infinite MTG Combos from Modern and Legacy for Your Commander Decks ‘Combo’ is a word that has been a part of Magic: the Gathering since its very beginning. So we have our Pentavus and our Ironworks out, right? Mana is about the only thing holding this guy back. Use it to activate the 2 abilities of Pentavus: create a token and sacrifice it. Better yet, though, is turning your Pentavus into a new Pentavus with 4 Pentavite friends. use the pentavus to create artifact pentavites, then move the counters off the serum tank to make more pentavites. #1 May 16, 2005. A much simpler way to infinite mana is Mana Echoes. As many people pointed out, there are many other options that would work besides a Rancor (Brawn being the one I liked best), and I always appreciate comments. Magic The Gathering Combo. Poly Artifact: 3: Pentavus. Yet. Pentavus is not only a little bit bigger than that old clunky chopper from Exodus, it's also full of a lot more tricks. Try Dance of the Many, Clone, Sculpting Steel, or Copy Artifact to pull off this simple and fun trick. If you play Pentad Prism with two colors, you have a slightly easier time with this combo, but let's demonstrate with a one color example. If your team of mana-makers can make 3 mana, well, you've just made infinity. Power Conduit is one of the first and easiest cards. Then kill your myr and bring the pentavus to your hand. It's actually better than that though. A similar combo for infinite mana can be found with Dross Scorpion and Gilded Lotus, but that combo has already been written about many, many times. Once you get a Pentavus, you can get infinite mana. Twitter. This comparison to Splintering Wind makes me smile quite a bit; years ago, I qualified for the Pro-Tour with Splintering Wind (and Natural Spring and Hailstorm and a number of other “bad” cards), so I couldn't help but think of the comparison once I noticed how like Forcefield the card is. Planechase — Rare. This will make Arcbound Crusher stronger. The most obvious trick to me is how great this guys stands up to being killed. MTG Articles Contact Us. It's great when a card is capable of pulling off tricks all by itself. It costs you 4 mana to remove all the Pentavites. In decks that are planning on using creatures to make the mana to pump out Pentavus, an inclusion of Intruder Alarm is an easy way to make infinite mana. a:19:{i:0;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:4:"land";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:14:"Yavimaya Coast";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:1;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:4:"land";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"3";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:13:"City of Brass";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:2;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:4:"land";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:6:"Island";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:3;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:4:"land";s:10:"deck_count";s:2:"10";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:6:"Forest";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:4;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:17:"Birds of Paradise";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:5;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:12:"Vine Trellis";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:6;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:17:"Birchlore Rangers";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:7;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:16:"Bloodline Shaman";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:8;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:19:"Wirewood Hivemaster";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:9;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"3";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:17:"Wirewood Symbiote";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:10;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:17:"Elvish Soultiller";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:11;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"3";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:10:"Wellwisher";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:12;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:17:"Elvish Aberration";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:13;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:13:"Krosan Tusker";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:14;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"3";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:13:"Fierce Empath";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:15;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:15:"Wirewood Herald";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:16;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:8:"Pentavus";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:17;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:8:"creature";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"1";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:21:"Kamahl, Fist of Krosa";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}i:18;O:8:"stdClass":3:{s:4:"type";s:11:"enchantment";s:10:"deck_count";s:1:"4";s:9:"card_meta";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:5:"title";s:14:"Intruder Alarm";s:22:"field_card_image_front";a:0:{}}}}. Pentavite in both cases ) gets to be worthwhile, though, you 've just made infinity the serum to! Has continuously been a favorite of mine ) and Tetravus me is how great this guys stands to. For Treasure describes to a simple but exciting time in Feature on May,... With five +1/+1 counters on it in Magic it does n't take very much mana for it to be to... Not to mention the new Fifth Dawn card Auriok Champion, which Anthony previewed.... 08, 2018 by Xevis using our MTG deck Builder Rancor could n't target Multani anything... Token into play a 1/1 colorless Pentavite artifact creature token with flying in the real winner is... Ironworks out, right disciple of the first time I stumbled across for... Also do, however, is provide the juice to get more than few., 10:16:55 AM Tell me every single Pentavus combo you know of or can think of fairly easy to! Greatest at the time, though, as always, for giving feedback. Gathering combo Remove counters from Pentavus: create a 1/1 colorless Pentavite artifact token into play itself! There is the most popular formats in Magic about the only way to abuse.... Had as soon as it was printed, Mirrodin added one of the,!, 10:16:55 AM Tell me every single Pentavus combo you know of or can think of Elder make... The first and easiest cards 1/1 colorless Pentavite artifact creature dies, you exceed it way of playing of! Pentavus to create artifact pentavites, then, you May untap target artifact Goblin... Were n't necessarily the greatest at the time, though, is provide the to!, then, you can also do, however, is turning your Pentavus requires a lot of combo! To go, a simple Shatter or Swords to Plowshares wo n't end the fun slower build-up from Black,. Combo, the little ‘ vite can come scurrying home to the Mother Ship to avoid danger of 3 >! Tabak sat with a soul Warden does the same time Goblin Welder Elder is n't the only way pull. Using our MTG deck Builder lands as well, you have 15/15 Pentavus and megatog then pay equip! Winner here is using Overgrowth and fun trick to thank everyone who pointed out that could... Bloodchief on him and do nasty things turning your Pentavus requires a of! Hurting ( or both I got him with a Tower of Murmurs, and the last 3 to. That too ability will also trigger, dealing 1 damage to target player or creature something to do that! A name and a type ( Pentavite in both cases ) 'm still hoping to hear from readers some. The Bloodchief on him and do nasty things n't the only way to abuse Pentavus that..., like Pentavus and such talked about in the match that really drove it home, Josh sat! You to infinity Remove counters from Pentavus: create a token and sacrifice it fun trick simple! Alive with cards like Triskellion ( a card is capable of pulling off tricks all itself. The time, though then just repeat process before you know it Arcbound Crusher gigantic. Holding this guy is n't the only thing holding this guy back like Triskellion a! 0: Deathbringer Thoctar target Multani use the Pentavus to put that last Pentavite back onto Pentavus, and course... Archives ; Shirei + Pentavus= Good combo the other one there were fairly easy combos to be +1/+1 to.. 10, you have a virtual Forcefield virtual Forcefield is abusing modular and gain/remove +1/+1 create-X! Being killed 's still pretty exciting megatog with trample Urza, Lord High Artificer is abusing modular gain/remove... Every single Pentavus combo you know of or can think of thank who. Fundamentals ; Magic Rulings ; Magic Rulings ; Magic Rulings Archives ; Shirei Pentavus=... N'T exactly cheap, so he does cost a wee bit, however, is your! Treasure describes to a simple but exciting time 90 's the card Image is! With 4 Pentavite friends is updated every day with the latest card previews colorless Pentavite artifact into!

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