is spaghetti bolognese fattening? It will tell you the correct portion size, as well as how much fat and carbs you're getting. You’d be hard-pressed to find a meal as overwhelmingly demonised as pasta when it comes to weight-loss, but a new study has found that under the right circumstances, it’s not actually that fattening. BEC CREW . That will help it to not be so fattening and look at the nutrition. Then have a side salad with it. Pasta is a staple dish in Italy and there are many different varieties available, including spaghetti, vermicelli, fusilli, tagliatelle, penne and macaroni, with each one having a specific shape and size. Actor to Trump: 'Where is the federal relief for Iowa?' thankyou in advance xx. 5 JULY 2016 . I love it and tonight i had loads, like bigger than a mans portion haha. Is pasta fattening or good for weight loss? Pasta Isn't Fattening, And Can Actually Help You Lose Weight, Study Finds . Typical spaghetti and other pastas have a lot of starches, salts and carbs in them. hey, i was just wondering is spaghetti bolognese fattening because i usually have quite a lot. Make it with multigrain noodles, lean meat or meat flavored pasta sauce, add bits of spinach (not a lot) and mushrooms and no cheese if you can help it. Same with the dressing on the salad. I'll tell you what we do in our home. so i was just wondering, is it very fatty? is spaghetti bad for you and/or fattening? Um YES spaghetti is fattening (nicolas cage voice) and this comes from a guy who works out and studies health and fitness for years and no I'm not some meat head I'm athletic and almost have six pack abs thank you very much guys tell me to stay away from that "shat" because its fattening unless you are running and burning them carbs everyday and working out its a must but if your a at home … And it's not so much the odd dish of spaghetti that's fattening, it's (like so many things in life) really only going to affect you if you eat it in excess. It's not the spaghetti is fattening, it's the sauces.

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