Which Macarons Are the Best and Where Can You Find Them in Paris? It can be eaten raw, half-cooked or fully cooked and can be served alone or as an accompaniment to other dishes, such as certain meats and salads. Prepared with a subtle touch of lemon to make it more delicate, the madeleine de Commercy, originating from a town in eastern France, will satisfy your little hunger. However, France continues to register a negative balance of trade due to higher import value compared to the export value. Those of the Breton coasts are particularly famous, but there are also some producers on the Mediterranean shores. Thinking about bringing back souvenirs from your stay in France? You should surely let yourself try other products that you might not know, but will surprise you by their originality and quality. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If there is a region known for its sausages, it is the Alsace. This is a Provencal specialty created in the Middle Ages with the inspiration from existing nougats from the East and Mediterranean countries. to accompany your meats. It offers a balance between a hot, non-burning spice and fruity flavors that make it one of the most versatile condiments used by the best French chefs. The real Kouign Amann is always a big cake, since the smaller versions cannot reach the same level of cooking in the oven. It is the result of a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and has developed over the centuries. The nougat is made from a mixture of egg whites, almonds, honey, and sugar. We scoured Amazon for all of the best French-made and French-related things on Amazon, from toys to food to fake food to beauty staples to memorabilia. This is undoubtedly one of the most famous gastronomic products in France. Here you’ll find below a few items that aren’t too costly, are easy to find, and that you can take home with you without too much trouble. You can buy them from several canneries, including La Belle Iloise, one of the most famous in the country. Bring it home in your luggage, and this classic of Breton cuisine will make your baked goods, crepes, and vanilla ice cream even more delicious. This natural sweet white wine is typical of the Occitanie region in the southwest of the country. On the menu, there are natural, high quality ingredients that were selected and brought together with love. Frontignan Muscat Credits : Anna & Michal, flickr, under Creative Commons 2.0 This traditional product, from the French Basque Country is one of the most famous condiments in France. Sardines are a traditional product in France. Log in. You’ll find most of its products in supermarkets. A bit like its cousin, pesto sauce, it is enjoyed in a dish with vegetables or raw ham. It is a kind of edible black mushroom that can be served with a wide variety of dishes, including pizzas, risottos and even meats. All rights reserved. We recommend you eat it warm and avoid consuming it a long time after its preparation – it is best fresh! As the name suggests, they were invented in Reims by bakers that wanted to take advantage of the bread oven’s heat to make some cakes. Similar to English digestive biscuits, you can use them to make a crumble or the base of a cheesecake. Today, this typical French wine is known throughout the world for its quality and delicious taste. This traditional product, from the French Basque Country is one of the most famous condiments in France. France is well known for its fine food and exceptional wines. This southwestern specialty, dating back to antiquity, leaves no one indifferent. You’ll have the choice between multiple mustards of different strengths and surprising flavors (champagne, black currant, raspberry, nut, etc.) We especially recommend the spread sausage or Mettwurscht, a small raw sausage with smooth dough; ideal for an aperitif with friends, on small toasts or on a good country bread. It’s a small candy with a rectangular shape, flavored with mint and lined with caramelized sugar. We are talking about the famous gingerbread, a kind of honey cake with several spices that can vary depending on the producer. In fact, a confectioner’s apprentice dropped mint into the dough used to prepare lozenges and to hide his stupidity, he rolled out the dough until it turned white. As its name suggests, this gastronomic product comes from the Périgord region (located in New Aquitaine). The violet is a characteristic flower from the southwest and it is used for the production of several typical products. Customers loved the new recipe and that’s how the “betise de Cambrai” was born. Mona knows Paris like the back of her hand. This is another Alsatian specialty, very popular during the holiday season. They smell like good Breton butter (that you won’t be able to take back without it melting) and you don’t need to be hungry to eat them. This Breton specialty comes from Douarnenez. Its origin dates back to the Greco-Roman era and it is currently consumed throughout the country. In the shape of shells, they are more delicious than their cousins, the long madeleines.

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