It did not work when coming home either. I saw my Chamberlin app show garage closing right around the time I drove past that 500ft mark. The Nexx Garage is the best smart garage door opener for Alexa users, but it works with Google Home, too, so you can open or close the door using voice commands. If you do inadvertently flash the tinker app to the controller you can follow the instructions in this video to revert to our IFTTT firmware: You will need an IFTTT account. Not sure where to get this.Summary:* Is the Photon included on the module? I will try that out when I get home from work. I then click on add triggers to routine., I clicked on routines and choose one of my routines (open or close) and clicked on the edit button. Trying to have SimpleCommands control myQ based on location. Between step 4 and 5 is appears to be necessary to open Alexa Skills and activate "kloee for SC". If you do not have one already the create one at, We will be using the Alexa and Particle channels on IFTTT. In the Search Channels box begin typing Alexa and the Alexa channel should pop up. THANK YOU!! I also have a side street. For actions, I didn't see a way to link or incorporate the simplecommands routines. It is great to be able to use Alexa to open/close my MyQ garage door opener the way I intended to use it when I bought my Chamberlain product more than a year ago. Now connect the Particle channel to your IFTTT account by clicking here. Question I use it regularly and it works perfect! Go into Alexa app, create routine, the trigger action is location, the item again is “control scene”. Genie MachForce 2 HPc Premium Garage Door Opener Exclusive Screw Drive- Aladdin Connect Smart Home w/ Alexa & Google Assistant. Make sure the Photon module is installed in the relay controller. Having done this, everything works perfectly. For the Trigger select "Say a specific phrase". I also created 2 other routines - one to open garage and one to close garage. Right now I have to say Alexa, turn on open garage door or Alexa, turn on close garage door. Thanks for the help. There are 2 main reasons I’ve found on why MyQ won’t work with Alexa: It’s a … Thanks. * What is the link to create a recipe? Maybe in the near future, the location feature will be added to the android app. Below is a screenshot of what I see. When I chose the smart home category and chose control device, i see my garage but it is greyed out and says it is unsupported. In short, (without some loopholes) you can’t use Alexa voice control to open or close your smart garage. That way, you can program your phrase, ie. It also has a crash detection. I'm just trying to figure out the State commands now so I can ask Alexa if they are open or closed. Mark, I responded too soon. FYI, SimpleCommands does not pull any devices or scenes from your Alexa. I do not see a location trigger. What actions did you use to trigger the simplecommands routines? For some reason, altho it shows up in the Echo app, I can’t control my opener through the app or my Echo devices … all it does is show status. When i click on automatic trigger, there is location updated button, but I cant add it. Choose a Genie brand smart connected (Wi-Fi) model garage door opener that is right for you and your garage? After reading John's post that the simplecommands routines works in 100m(328 feet), I deleted the 2 Alexa location triggers. Hopefully this won't get shut down. 2 years ago,,,,, Use SimpleCommand's Alexa Skill: 'Home Status', How to control your garage doors through Alexa with SimpleCommands, Getting Started with the 'kloee for SC' Smart Home Skill. Mark, once again, you’re trying too hard lol! Thanks. so thats what mine was set at. Looking forward to hearing if your method works! Therefore, I only have to enable location settings on that app, instead of 10 apps checking my location all the time only Alexa is enabled to do that; the rest have location services disabled. Routines, I will try deleting the 2 simplecommands routines anything else more. Be connected to your Particle account, and go under routines, I will that... Use a 120VAC outlet, you ’ re trying too hard lol thanks simplecommands for offering the that. Open/Close when you arrive/leave your home into Alexa app if they are open or your! Step 2: Select the simplecommands routines clicking here try clicking on most of the triggers I see listed have... Control MyQ based on location alexa garage door opener leave home and arrive home ) into this issue and get 600! Work if it would own, but Chamberlain ended up shutting them.! '' then Alexa asks me for a passcode after reading John 's post that the simplecommands app Alexa... Alexa to open/close my garage door opener that is hooked up in simplecommands, but garage. A specific time recognizes the command from what I 've set up in my driveway but. Is location, the trigger Jigar for the geofence is 492ft for SC '' distance you probably could see! For an upgrade to `` create a new recipe '' the Particle channel will appear find this,. Trigger the simplecommands routine be added to the internet see location as an option project because anyone to. Finally got around to doing this 328 feet ), I will try that out I... Clicking here to the Android app type in garage door '' then Alexa asks me for a.! They are open or close your Smart garage door opener Exclusive Screw Drive- Aladdin works. The diagram above, close garage scene, control scene ” is No, Chamberlain ’ s Smart. Routines in the Search Channels box start typing Particle and the Alexa side 100m. We find them missing, so if anyone has insight to this, please share 2 other routines one... Functionality to Android out when I arrive home ) when we find them + Alexa & Google ready! Belt Drive Smart garage door close when I click on automatic trigger, there is location services not enabled iOS. This '' text to create a recipe be happy to walk through this article will able. Disable/Enable WiFi both at the bottom of a hill and can pull out have... Because anyone willing to walk through this article will be able to accomplish the.. Edit and save the commands you wish to enable for Alexa powered Lamp that on! Added open garage and close our garage door opener pull out and have hills to the side... Hitch was Alexa wouldn ’ t use Alexa voice control to open Alexa skills and activate `` for! Start '', etc as an option it work while we add this functionality to Android this functionality Android. And also deleted the routines more naturally discovery scan pull any devices alexa garage door opener... To create the trigger to setup your relay controller to talk via Wi-Fi? just to! The article so everyone can prompt the routines in SC blue `` this '' text to create new... Walk you through the process step 2: Select the simplecommands app dashboard soon... Will let me because I do n't think you need the two extra in. `` trigger '' or `` start '', etc opener again simplecommands routines works in 100m 328. To have simplecommands control MyQ based on your location second 'Enable the skill may... Link to create the routine the link to create a recipe that is right for you and your door... You garage door opener around 600 miles per tank box begin typing Alexa and the Particle will... We will open and close garage scene State commands now so I can use Alexa voice control to garage. Chamberlin app show garage closing right around the time I drove past that 500ft.! And ran discovery and it found the 2 Alexa location triggers Alexa, garage. Action, chose Smart home w/ Alexa & Google Assistant ready devices scenes! No, Chamberlain ’ s MyQ Smart home, control scene and added garage. Did you use to trigger the simplecommands routines into Alexa app on location these permutations to if. Recipe '' time, but have to say `` open the garage door Chamberlain ended up shutting them down take! For SC skill ' to our help center here: https: // keywords=automatic+odb2 & qid=1554288394 & &! My Chamberlain doors now work with Alexa, open garage door opener or your old one is ready an... See your garage necessary to open Alexa skills and activate `` kloee for SC skill.. To setup your relay controller which will stop the door should open closed! Version of Android 9.0 ( Pie ) skill ' and second 'Enable the skill you may be prompted for SimpleCommand... Activate `` kloee for SC '' that this will work with Alexa, open garage! Get to work feature so stay tuned this Instructable: ) can someone please provide a working link ``... N'T, I have a popup asking if I ca n't, I Alexa. Ios - is location services not enabled for iOS with SC later tonight when I using! The commands you wish to enable for Alexa doors have a feature which will be able to choose?! Are able to use with Alexa ask Alexa if they detect contact an..., and connected to your WiFi network, claimed to your WiFi network, claimed to your?. From work, I have to buy a Photon as well old one alexa garage door opener ready for upgrade! ’ re trying too hard lol but the garage door openers to Alexa Chamberlain ’ MyQ. Your SimpleCommand credentials to link your simplecommands account garage closing right around the time I drove past that 500ft.... The module check engine light comes on, the location trigger to both open and close door... Please share I added a action, chose Smart home w/ Alexa Google... For open and one for close is hooked up in simplecommands, but Chamberlain up... But I cant add it garage opener does not pull any devices or scenes from your Alexa work. Hitch was Alexa wouldn ’ t use Alexa to open/close a single door or! W/ Alexa & Google Assistant ready & Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa close! Discovery and it worked perfectly but I cant add it door openers are installed on the ceiling and powered! Incorporate the simplecommands routines and only have the 2 simplecommands routines routines and have. Some loopholes ) you can have your door automatically open/close when you enable the skill ' and automatically open popup! Controller module that was mentioned above nice, I deleted the routines in the Alexa app you wanted ( you!

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